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  • Talisk 2019

    Saturday 27th Apr, 8pm, £15

    They’re back, a welcome last minute return visit by the wonderful Talisk!
    In their five years, Sottish firebrands Talisk have stacked up several major awards for their explosively energetic yet artfully woven sound, including 2017’s Folk Band of the Year
    at the BBC Alba Scots Trad Music Awards, and a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award.
    Mohsen Amini – the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards’ Musician of the Year 2018, Hayley Keenan and Graeme Armstrong seamlessly meld concertina, fiddle and guitar to produce a multi-layered,enthralling signature that has effortlessly captivated audiences from the USA to Australia, and throughout the UK.
    Appearances at world-leading festivals – including the Cambridge Folk Festival, Denmark’s Tnder, WOMAD UK and Las Palmas, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Celtic Colours, Milwaukee Irish Festival and five successive outings at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections – have amassed a die-hard following, whilst the world’s folk and world music media have also lauded high credits upon the trio.
    The release of their hotly anticipated second album, Beyond, in October 2018 was met with a five-star ‘Top of the World’ review in Songlines, praising the band as “incredibly infectious and endearing…fresh, invigorating, accomplished and playfully frisky.”
    “Extraordinary” / Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2
    “Doubling the power of three” / The Scotsman
    “…completely blown away by the sheer dexterity and musicianship” / The Living Tradition
    “setting scary standards” / Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 2

  • Fleecey Folk: Flook Sorry, currently sold out

    Sunday 28th Apr, 08:00pm

    Tickets £16 

    The flutes of Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen, the guitar of Ed Boyd and the bodhran of John Joe Kelly weave and spin traditionally rooted tunes into the breathtaking sound of the groundbreaking band Flook. This group possesses a rare blend of fiery technical brilliance, delicate ensemble interaction and a bold, adventurous musical imagination.
    Though their first release, Flook! Live! (1997), was already heralded as “the ultimate modern flute album” by The Irish Times, Flook only properly burst onto the international music scene with the release of their debut studio album, “Flatfish”, in 1999. This album introduced master bodhran player John Joe Kelly to Flook’s line up of flutists Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen and guitarist Ed Boyd. Flatfish was hailed as “stunning”, “remarkable” and “little short of miraculous”, but it was Flook’s live performances that really captured the hearts of those who watched and listened; the rapport between these four musicians, the sheer enjoyment they developed in playing together, was commented on by audiences and critics alike. “Rubai”, released in 2002 and nominated for BBC Folk Album of the Year, was universally applauded by both journalists and fellow musicians and cemented Flook’s reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative bands to emerge from the English/Irish folk scene, and they went on to win the coveted award for Best Group at BBC Folk Awards 2006.
    There is no shortage of virtuosity amongst the members of Flook, but the unique impact of this band stems from the wholly intuitive, almost symbiotic, exchange between the various flutes, frets and skins.
    Flook announced that they were taking a prolonged pause from live performance at the end of 2008, but, due to overwhelming popular demand, they are now back together and playing some carefully selected concerts around Europe and further afield. Catch these rare shows while you can!

  • Outdoor Shakespeare ? The Handlebards with The Tempest

    Outdoor Shakespeare – The Handlebards with The Tempest

    Wednesday 24th Apr, Doors 6:30pm. Earlybird Tickets £12 (on the door £18)

    The world’s first cycling theatre company, The HandleBards, pedal from venue to venue with all the set, props and costume necessary to perform environmentally sustainable Shakespeare across the globe.
    Join their all-female troupe at on a return visit to The Fleece for a bicycle-powered production of Shakespeare’s ’The Tempest’ like none other. In usual HandleBards style, expect riotous amounts of energy, a fair old whack of chaos, and a great deal of laughter.
    And what’s the play about? Well – a shipwreck washes the court of Milan up onto a mysterious desert island, inhabited by magicians, sprites and monsters, where nothing is as it seems. There’s magic, musicality and mystery a plenty!
    This is an outdoor production, in our lovely orchard so please dress for the weather!
    Visit www.handlebards.com to find out more – we also have the all-male troupe here on 21 June with Much Ado About Nothing

  • Gordon Giltrap 2019 Sorry, currently sold out

    Friday 3rd May, 7:30pm
    Tickets £15 (limited availability)
    Gordon Giltrap returns to The Fleece Inn once again this spring to raise money for the Tracy Sollis Leukemia Trust, celebrating 25 years on fundraising.
    Giltrap is a brilliant folk artist with a timeless sound.
    His live gigs sell out every time and once again this will be a very special evening.
    Visit http://giltrap.co.uk/

  • Your Bard

    Sunday 12th May, 8pm, £10

    Did Will Shakespeare write his plays?
    William Shakespeare: the greatest playwright the world has ever seen? Or just a front man? A player – a poet – or fraud? Now’s your chance to meet Will in person. In the pub. An informal audience with the man himself. His childhood, adventures at the Globe and what it’s like on tour. And whether he wrote all those plays…He’ll play a few of the greatest hits, perhaps write a sonnet – maybe teach you to dance the Volta.
    Spend a rip-roaring hour in the pub with the man himself! He’ll tell you all about his family, what it’s like on tour and the glory days at the Globe.
    There’s no fourth wall here – we’re all in this together!
    Ladies and gentlemen raise your glasses – Your Bard!
    Supported by Live and Local / Shindig

  • Fleecey Folk: Cig

    Sunday 19th May, 8pm, £12

    Nova Scotia’s powerhouse Còig has cemented its status as one of today’s most exciting new North American Celtic groups. With a combined total of over 30 group and solo awards and nominations, the four members of the band are already recognized as major stars of the Celtic world.
    Rove is the group’s third album, after 2014’s award-winning Five, and 2015 seasonal favourite Carols.
    Còig is like no other, thanks to the unique mix of four different talents. They all have traditional roots, but each brings something more. Fiddler Chrissy Crowley has touches of world and contemporary music. Pianist Jason Roach has a jazz degree, Darren McMullen (guitar, banjo, mandolin, etc.) has worked everywhere from Irish to rock groups, and fiddler Rachel Davis is the most Cape Breton trad, but with folk flavours as well.
    The energy is off the scale, with audiences from New England theatres to European festivals “hootin’ and hollerin’ and clappin’ and stompin’ and goin’ on,” according to McMullen. They’re also falling for the group’s vocal numbers, including Rove’s standout, a Celticized version of Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill.”
    The best in trad music, in a non-traditional way. That’s Còig.

  • Outdoor Shakespeare: The Handlebards with Much Ado About Nothing

    Outdoor Shakespeare – The Handlebards with Much Ado About Nothing

    Friday 21st Jun, 6:30pm, Earlybird Tickets £12 (on the door £18)

    The world’s first cycling theatre company, The HandleBards, pedal from venue to venue with all the set, props and costume necessary to perform environmentally sustainable Shakespeare across the globe.
    Join their all-male troupe here at the Fleece for a bicycle-powered production of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ like none other. In usual HandleBards style, expect riotous amounts of energy, a fair old whack of chaos, and a great deal of laughter.
    And what’s the play about? Well – a group of soldiers return from the war to a household in Messina, causing the kindling of new love interests and the re-kindling of old rivalries. The parallel love stories of Beatrice, Benedick, Claudio and Hero become entangled with plotting, frivolity and melodrama in Shakespeare’s famous comedy.
    This is an outdoor production, so please dress for the weather!
    Visit www.handlebards.com to find out more – we also have the all-female troupe here on 24 April with The Tempest

  • Ye Vagabonds and Brghde Chaimbeul

    Friday 28th Jun, 8pm, £15

    A double bill of the best new Irish & Scottish musicians
    Ye Vagabonds
    Nominated ‘Best Traditional Track’ – BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards
    Brothers Bran and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn grew up playing music together around their hometown of Carlow, a small town in the southeast of Ireland. After moving to Dublin in 2012, they quickly became a staple of the live music and session scene in Ireland, playing their own original songs as well as folk songs from Ireland, Scotland, England and America.
    Brghde Chaimbeul
    Winner of the 2016 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, and 2017 Scots Trad Music Awards ‘Up and Coming’ nominee, Skye musician and piper Brghde Chaimbeul is one of Scotland’s fastest rising stars. A native Gaelic speaker, her style is rooted in her indigenous language and culture, but draws inspiration from a variety of piping traditions such as from Cape Breton, Eastern Europe and Ireland.
    “A talent beyond her years.” – Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2 Folk Show

  • Saltfishforty

    Sunday 14th Jul, 8pm, £14
    Saltfishforty are a fresh and dynamic duo hailing from the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland. Douglas Montgomery (fiddle/viola) and Brian Cromarty (songs/guitar/mandola) combine the rich traditional music of Orkney with original compositions.
    The powerhouse partnership have won a devoted following throughout the UK and beyond, brilliantly transcending the duo format’s conventional confines. Linchpin figures in the currently flourishing revival of Orkney’s traditional music, they unite these deep-rooted sources with an exhilarating breadth of influence and expertise, catalysed by a creative empathy born from decades of friendship.  The result is a sound of equally thrilling raw attack and multi-dimensional richness.
    A partnership forged back in 2002 – more by accident than design – the two knew each other since primary school, and played together in sessions and various bands, until they were booked in a four-piece for a charity gig, and only the two turned up: “We decided to go on and just make as much noise as two people possibly could – which is kind of how it’s been ever since” they say.
    Years later, Saltfishforty have delighted audiences at many of the world’s top folk festivals including Celtic Connections, Cambridge, HebCelt, Shetland, Lorient in Brittany and Canada’s Celtic Colours, as well as touring to the US and throughout Europe. Their focus on Orkney music takes in traditional, contemporary and original material, boldly cross-fertilised with influences from Americana to East European folk, plus a high-octane whiff of heavy metal.

  • Live at the Fleece: Rory McLeod

    Live at the Fleece: Rory McLeod

    Sunday 29th Sep, 8pm, £12
    A one man soulband, poet and storyteller, singing his own unique upbeat dance stories.
    A modern travelling troubadour using tap shoes, a cappella, harmonica, guitar, trombone, spoons, finger cymbals, bandorea, djembe and various percussion instruments!
    Rory has travelled the globe from Asia to the middle East from Gambia to Cuba, Central America, Australia, North America, Canada, Europe and other nooks and crannies of the earth. “I’ve travelled to look for work, to mend a broken heart, to be with someone I longed for. I’d travel to visit friends and on the way I’d make new ones; I’d roam because I was curious to see what was around the next corner, sometimes I travelled to follow the warmer weather and migrate… like the birds and the big whales and fishes do”.
    Rory comes toting a swag of new songs, Launching his very new album “GUSTO!”.
    Rory is a musical Gypsy, his eccentric melodies are infused with influences from Flamenco to Country blues, through to Celtic, East European and Calypso rhythms creating a style of music and songwriting that has been described as “Intimate, revealing, political and powerful.” “When he sings his songs he will take you on a journey with him.” “Poetry and dance-stories with verve, sharpness, humour and warmth about people and for people.” “Great songs to dance to, infectious rhythms, flying harmonica!”
    “McLeod is one of the most energetic, most generous performers I’ve seen.” : Doug Spencer, ABC Radio.

  • Sing in the Spring 2020

    The dates for 2020 are 17-19 April. 

    Graeme Knights, Granny's Attic and Will Finn and Rosie Calvert (from The Teacups) are already booked.  
    A weekend of song in the Fleece orchard and barn.


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